Rule Advertising Service

Rules Advertising service REDBELL.EU
General :

-The Regulations define the terms of use of the website located at
-Contact Service Administrator is possible  by the contact form on Contact site.
-Service Administrator provides to the Service Users sharing service system's resources, including web in order to store data for Service Users as social ads ("Notices") or the favorites and comments to the Notice ("Comments" , "Praise"), which are available on the website on the terms set out in these Rules and in accordance with the relevant provisions of Polish law, in particular with the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services (Journal of Laws . No. 144, pos. 1204).
Terms of use:
-Website  hereinafter referred to as service is only intended for adults.
-This service allows visitors and registered users of the presentation and view their ads, but does not mediate in establishing any contact.
-The content of adverts is for informational purposes only and should not be treated as a commercial offer.
- Browsing the site is free
Users :
Visitors may register (hereinafter called 'Users') on the site and thereby create your own user account.
Registered users have access to certain resources and functionality of the site unavailable to unregistered visitors (add ads, list of selected announcements, etc.)
The scope of access may be amended at any time by the administrator
This registration is not collected any personal data subject to judicial review.
By registering you agree to the processing and use of the data provided by the administrators of the site.
Account registered user who breaks the rules or where it is not done properly login / activation may be deleted without notice.

Duties and rights :
An announcement adds upon acceptance of these Rules states that it has full rights to the posted photos and a person adult.
Service makes every effort to publish only accurate and reliable advertisement, but because of this, it is not possible to fully verify all of the data does not take responsibility for their integrity and for:
- The content of notices, comments, and any unauthorized by the editors of texts published by users on its pages.
- Any place pictures or other material by users of the service in violation of copyright, or without the consent of their owners.
- Restrictions on the operation, temporary or permanent suspension of operation of the site due to technical problems.

The administrators reserve the right to:

- The denial of the publication of notices, announcements and all other content published by users, if there is a suspicion that they are inconsistent with the rules, the law or the rules of social coexistence. Removal it for the same reasons.
- Stop the service, to add or change their nature or function.
- The introduction of additional requirements to meet the conditions of use of certain parts of the Service.
- Block or remove user accounts do not respect the provisions of the Rules of the site.
The administrators will make every effort to ensure that the data registered users are properly secured.
Does not give a 100% guarantee of protection against loss due to a technical failure or attempted theft.
It’s not allowed :
- Copy any part or content of this site without the written permission of the administrator.
- Dissemination through the website, in any form, content that is unlawful, offensive, or otherwise violate the rules of social
- Any other act to the detriment of service or its users.
- Using service to support illegal activity.

Adding and publication of notices:
Service allows you to add escort ads exclusively to adults.
The announcement of one person in the pictures may be just one person, otherwise add the ad as a duo, a couple or escort service or club.

The announcement is possible to add a link to your website - provided that it is the personal page of the person posting the ad - links to websites other than those on the announcement will not be accepted. Ex. The person adding notice as a single girl can not insert a link to the agency or club-then you should change the category listing.We don't connect the sites where are the banners of the other sites, such like escortbook or callgirlsfiles etc.

The announcement may contain a maximum of 25 images
The ads must add at least one picture. Ads without at least one picture will be not accepted.
An announcement adds agree to the publication of her photograph in the same form as on the website in fanpage sites on Facebook and Google+ only to support the advertising and increase its audience profile.
Advertisements paid the pictures are processed and covered up her face.
In order to verify the profile of the person adding photos can add at least one photo of the hand-held card that says the whole silhouette of a person must be visible.
Administrator does not own the images posted, do not sell them to third parties, does not provide any information to third parties about the advertisers.
Advertiser agrees to dispose of his photographs by the administrator only for the purpose of advertising for broadcast ads on sites and sites related to the service
By adding ads You agree that any content, in particular photographs and personal details that are part of the scoreboard announcement by the user on the site are real, based on the present facts, and that they represent a person whose phone number was given in the notice.

One user can add many ads.

Published photos:

a) at least one of the dimensions of the photo which is the element of notice shall not be less than 350px,
b) at least one of the photographs that are part of ads presents the silhouette of the person concerned notice,
c) photographs are part of an ad can not copy photos from a web page or area of the screen to present photographs, newspapers, pictures analog
d) photographs are part of ads may not contain visible only contact details and web addresses- it is possible to view a telephone number ( the same as in ad ) if the person is visible or the club from the ad in correct category.
e) photographs are part of ads may not be in others, currently active ads
f) photographs are part of ads may not be magnified, have a visible image artifacts resulting from enlargement pictures or save your photos in high lossy compression.
g) photographs are announced as part of the quality that is not too dark, overexposed, have sufficient grit and intensity of color
h) photographs are part of ads may not be modified in a manner that causes the loss of their natural origin, such unauthorized modifications include, in particular:
- Substitution of artificial background - color / bright / contrast
- Any digital extras - such as colorful rainbows, hearts, stars, subtitles, etc.
- Too bright or unnatural color saturation of color (except for black-and-white and sepia).
User  added ad agrees to introduce the photographs subtitle containing the name
Cover  of a person's face visible in the photograph at the request of the user adding an ad (by checking the appropriate box on the form notice board in the registration procedure)

Personal data :
An announcement adds consent to the processing of personal data contained in the form notice board or on the registration form, the Administrator of the Service, as the administrator of personal data in accordance with the Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 101, item. 926, as amended.).
Application by those adding ad personal data is voluntary, but necessary to use the services provided by the administrator under the conditions specified in these Rules
Service Administrator is not responsible for providing service by false information during the notice board or on the registration form for adding praise
Each Registered Users have the right to inspect the contents of their personal data and the right to correct them. To do this, contact your site administrator.
An announcement adds agree to receive information via e-mail and payment reminders for the next period of portraying the announcement selected by the us.

Cookies :

 Cookie - also called cookies - a small file stored by your web browser on your computer. The use of cookies is completely safe. They can not infect your computer with a virus. Do not give access to private documents or photos you. Do not steal passwords or any personal information stored on your computer. Other users of the site do not have access to your cookies.

• matching look and feel of the site according to user selected settings.

• store the selection made ​​by the user again - eg. Type setting search

• anonymous user identification web browser between successive visits to the page - eg. Login

• gather anonymous statistical data about sites visited, browser and operating system

• tailor advertisements to possible user interests

In the settings of your web browser to accept cookies, you can block

The final decision:

All rights to content, service design reserved. ©


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