Lady Velvet

By: Warszawa
  • Alder: 26
  • Vægt: 74 kg
  • Vækst: 163 cm
  • kendte sprog: engelsk
  • Mandag: hele dagen
  • Tirsdag: hele dagen
  • Onsdag: hele dagen
  • Torsdag: hele dagen
  • Fredag: hele dagen
  • Lørdag: hele dagen
  • Søndag: hele dagen
  • 1h - 100 PLN
  • 0,5h - 50 PLN
  • 15min. - 35 PLN

om mig

They call me Velvet, because my skin is smooth as velvet. Worship me, I am your GODDESS, your sun and your life is mine, I am only one reason to life for you.

I am strictly dominant woman, sexy and young Findomme - if you want to waste my time, go fuck yourself, you fucking moron. Yes, I am vulgar, but I CAN. And you will be nice, little puppy under my feet. Want to show me, that you are addicted by me? Come on, add me on Skype and give me your money by PayPal & Amazon. I will rape your bank account, maybe if I will be happy I'll give you minute from my life by Skype. Want to talk? Pay. Want to see me? Pay. Want to adore my sexy, delicate feet? PAY! You're worthless slut and I will be ignoring your needs. Go & cry, moan, scream! You can crawl and begging, but I am cruel and cold as ice!

Come on, I'll show you this sexy, pretty things, what I bought by your money ;-) Want to see it? Pay! ;) Hahaha. I'd love to destroy all your pathetic life.
On your knees, asshole.

Pay for attention

Amazon & PayPal -
Make me pleasure.

Skype: kocham_nylony

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